About the founder

Founder and Executive Director of Tayitu Cultural Center is the legendary talent, Artist Alemtsehay Wedajo, say her name in Ethiopian circles and the name alone evokes an image of unsurpassed artistry and amazing versatility. Director, playwright and community activist among Ethiopians for the last quarter of the century, Alemtsehaye is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Alemtshaye is the most talked about, sought after actress and poet in modern Ethiopia. She has acted in Ethiopian  movies as well as in over _____stage and TV dramas and over 15 International stages (USA, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Nigeria)  Alemtsehaye is versatile enough to be onstage as an actress offstage as a director, While working as a lead actress for the Ethiopian National Theater, she wrote several plays. She has authored two full stage productions, including one the Ethiopian National Theater 3 short story theaters for stage and TV.  She has been Assistant director on 5 theaters. Furthermore Alemtsehay Wedajo is a gifted writer, an exceptional poet, a playwright a lyricist, and a journalist. She has written more than 600 poems. Regularly contributed poems to magazines, radio and television programs; eventually compiled in her first book. "Marfeia Yatach Hiwot" published in USA 1996. Her second book of poems containing meticulously crafted collection of intellectual verse, entitled, "Yemata Injera" was published in 2010.

People are always surprised to know that she has written the lyrics of more than 40 of the most beloved Ethiopian songs sung by veteran Ethiopian singers such as Tilahun Gessesse’s - Ethiopia, Muluken Melesse’s…………….., Tshaye Yonaes’s - Arenguade Bicha, Bezaworks …….. Tizita and many more songs for Hirut Bekele, Telela Kebede, Kuku Sebsibe, Aster Aweke, Asefu Debalke, Shambel Belayneh , and Mahmoud Ahmed’s ………………….             .  

Alemtsehaye moved to USA in 1991, and in 2000, she realized her dream and founded an organization by the name of Tayitu Cultural Center in Washington DC to provide a home for Ethiopian Artists in the Diaspora, and a haven and training ground for aspiring Ethiopian artists. So far, Tayitu Cultural Centre has produced and staged 29 theatres in Washington Metropolitan Area, and travel North America and Europe extensively staging their works to Ethiopian audiences across the world.  Artist Alemtsehaye’s contributions to the field of theater and acting, performing arts in Ethiopia in general is beyond compare.